Hospital Has A Shoeshine Saint

albert lexie lee cowan evening news

Albert Lexie spends nearly his entire workday, kneeling — his head bowed.

And that's fitting, since so many people around Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh — call this shoeshine man, a saint, reports CBS News Correspondent Lee Cowan.

"Nobody does it better than Albert," said medical director Eugene Wiener.

He's been polishing doctor's shoes here for more than 20 years — executives too.

"We're the only place in the world where you can attend executive meetings in your sock," said hospital CFO Mark Giaquinto.

All for just $3 bucks a pop — plus tips.

"How much have you given now Albert?" asked COO Roger Oxendale.

"Over $91,000.00," he replied.

Actually he's given $97,225.11 — all to the hospital's kids — every cent of every tip he's been given over the last two decades.

"So why do you do this Albert?" Cowan asked. "Why do you give so much money away?"

"Because I love the kids very much, I think they're very special," Albert said.

Albert is special too — developmentally disabled — he's become one of the hospital's top donors.

"Nobody gives a greater percentage of their income than Albert does," said CEO Ron Violi.

And nobody notices more than the kids he touches.

"Can I have a hug?" Albert asked one child.

"You really care about them don't you?" Cowan asked.

"Sure do," Albert said.

"You don't even know them," noted Cowan

"You don't know them but you still love them," Albert explained. "That's why God put you here."

After a month of holiday giving that saw charitable coffers overflow — and the world's response to Asia's tsunami disaster that surpassed anyone's expectations — Albert is a quiet reminder that a cause doesn't have to be big, it just has to be yours.

"I honestly believe Children's Hospital is such an integral part of his life that he'll pray for the concerns of our hospital and I think God hears him," said Richard Freeman of the Pastoral Care department.

A seasonal spirit for most of us that Albert practices every day all year long.