How Trump voters see Obamacare replacement fight

Trump supporters on Obamacare
Trump supporters on Obamacare 02:29

RACINE, Wis. -- Jim Monosa’s lawnmower and snowblower business in Racine has hit some hard times. The lack of snow this winter for one thing, and Obamacare for another.

“It seems like we’re working seven days a week and we don’t have any more to show for it,” Monsoa said.

Jim Monosa CBS News

Though he has private health insurance for himself and his workers, Monosa says there’s been a ripple effect to rising costs for Obamacare that has made his coverage more expensive too.

“We’re just working to pay off the insurance to all of this it seems like,” he said. “Something has to change.”

President Trump’s supporters like Monosa say Obamacare is a mess. But at Frank’s Diner in nearby Kenosha, Larry Rasch was not confident a replacement will be an improvement.

“I think we should try to work within it and make changes to it. I don’t think we have to necessarily replace it,” Rasch said.

Dick Gentz, left, and Larry Rasch CBS News

The people CBS News spoke with felt congressional Republicans are running up against the reality that health care is complicated.

“From what it sounded like to me, they really couldn’t pull the plug on it entirely,” said Dick Gentz, an accountant.

At the counter, Glenn Woods said it’s time for the Republicans to act.

Trump supporters speak 02:27

“When you run on one thing more than anything else and you have the power to change it, you better change it,” he said.

Woods and the other Trump supporters said the protracted health care tug-of-war has not lessened their regard for the president.

Asked how Mr. Trump is doing, Woods said it’s too early to tell. “It’s hard to turn around an aircraft carrier.” But Woods said he is headed in the right direction.

In fact, the people here seemed much more patient with Mr. Trump than with their Republican congressman, the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

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