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How Stars Look Great at the Oscars

Walking down the red carpet on Oscar night can be nerve-wracking, even for Hollywood "A"-listers who've done it many times before.

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What's a star to do?

Pamela Edwards Christiani, beauty editor of Essence magazine, says it's all about keeping your look together. On "The Early Show" she showed how the celebrities get through the stressful night -- with a little help.

Some of that help, Christiani said, comes from what's underneath that all-important dress: shapewear.

"Everyone, absolutely everyone from size zero on always wears shapewear because no one wants any bulges during one of their most photographed moments," she said.

Christiani pointed out a new line from Dr. Robert Rey, of the television series "Dr. 90210," that helps stars deal with all those areas that stress women out.

"Dr. Rey's Shapewear is the secret weapon that helps celebrities look smoother and slimmer in their gowns giving them the confidence while walking down the red carpet," Christiani said. "The collection offers a range of figure-flattering pieces that target specific areas of a woman's body that can trim inches and dress sizes to look their absolute best on Oscar night."

Christiani added, in addition to its figure-flattering effects, each shapewear garment is treated with aloe vera to make the skin soft and smooth when it is being worn. Rey has developed quite a following for his shapewear, from Halle Berry to Cameron Diaz, and what's best, Christiani said, is that his price point is mostly under $50 and is available at Sears.

What about those long days on Oscar weekend - how does a star stay awake?

Christiani said celebs are turning to Neuro Drinks, a new beverage that contains natural, exotic tropical flavors and essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and botanicals that are supposed to enhance and support a demanding round-the-clock lifestyle. The line features seven blends: NeuroGasm, NeuroSonic, NeuroBliss, NeuroSport, NeuroTrim, NeuroSleep and NeuroAqua, all individually crafted to provide beneficial elements that supposedly help you stay well. Christiani added Neuro Drinks will also be served at Elton John's Oscar party this year.

As for keeping your look polished on the red carpet, Christiani recommends Hourglass cosmetics, a popular brand with celebrities. On the broadcast, Christiani featured the Prodigy lipgloss, a high shine sheer lip gloss featured in a sleek package that's contoured to fit into the palm of the hand or discretely slipped into a pocket or clutch. The lipgloss is enriched with vitamin E and features water-resistant color.

Another big trend on the red carpet is nails in neutral colors.

"(They're) a step up from the grey that we've been seeing everywhere,
Christiani said. "... (It's) more in the range of a range of café au laits, lattes and milk chocolates."

But what about the jewelry?

Christiani said Oscar night jewelry is "really taking an interesting turn."
She said, "Although we see the million dollar jewels on the carpet and are impressed with the baubles, there is a new trend that we see with a lot of celebrities wearing: costume jewelry, which is just as beautiful as the real stuff."

The Lia Sophia jewelry line, Christiani said, has a following online. The brand, she said, has created a special collection called the Red Carpet Collection that is purely for their celebrity clientele, which is pricier and a bit edgier than normal.

She said, "(It's) become quite a hit with celebrities, ranging from Rihanna, Kate Hudson to Eva Longoria."

Another hot jewelry trend can be seen through a line from hot designer Glynneth B that celebrates the Fierce and the Feminine in her jewelry collections with a little romanticism mixed with a little rock and roll. Christiani said Victoria Beckham, Rihanna and Fergie call themselves big fans.

Another part of being on the red carpet is remembering the night. Although celebrities are all about being seen and photographed, Christiani said they can document the night on their own with a personal camera.

Christiani noted the Oscars are being held at the Kodak Theatre, which is appropriate to use the new Kodak Slice, which features a share button that allows you to tag pictures directly from your camera for e-mailing, or uploading to YouTube, Facebook and Flickr Web sites, and e-mail, too. The camera also has a sleek touch screen interface and a Slice search feature that lets you sort pictures by person, place, occasion, or date. Christiani said the camera also recognizes friends by face, so even the moments you can't put a label on are easy to find.

Products featured on the broadcast:

Best supporting players
Dr. Rey shapewear
Convertible strap bra - $27.50
High waist bottom brief - $44.50
Deep Plunge Bodysuit - $44
Available at Sears and

Best libations
Neuro Drinks

Best lips and tips
Hourglass Prodigy lipgloss-$26.00
Available at Sephora and Barney's.

MAC Nail Lacquer in Wham, Bam, Glam, $12,
Rescue Beauty Lounge Nail Polish in Grunge, $18,
Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Particuliere, $23,

Best bling
Lia Sophia Jewelry

From their Red Carpet Collection:
Geometric Cuff Bracelet with Black Diamond Crystals in Matte Black, Retail Price $475
Geometric Collar Necklace with Black Diamond Crystals in Matte Gold, Retail Price $650
Zipper Necklace with Black Diamond Crystals in Matte Gold, Retail Price $700
Cut Out Cuff Bracelet with Black Diamond Crystals in Matte Gold/Matte Black, Retail Price $450

From Catalog Collection:
Nocturnal Bracelet, Retail Price: $110.00

Glynneth B. Jewelry
Double Mesh Gunmetal Bangle with Chains, $1,100.00
Fringe Benefits. Silver Metal Fringe Earrings, $195.00
Single Gunmetal Mesh/Spike/Filligree Bangle, $595.00
Punk,D With Silver Spikes And Razors Necklace, $495.00
Chain Lynx. Long Charm Earrings, $225.00

Best shot
Kodak Slice ($349.95 from's Electronics Store)

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