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How to Be on Time

clock.jpgAre you always running late? If not, I'll bet you know someone who is. Either way, check out's "Are you late?", which outlines the negative aspects associated with tardiness, the positive aspects of being punctual, and ways to train yourself in the art of the latter. For example:

  • Mentally reprogram yourself to arrive 5 minutes early to every meeting. Put them on your calendar for 10 minutes before start time. For example, a 2 p.m. meeting is put as 1:50 p.m. on your calendar.
  • Practice exit strategies so you leave previous commitments with enough time to get to the next one.
  • DO NOT set your watch or clocks 5 or 10 minutes ahead. The rest of the world runs on real time so you need to synchronize with actual time.
As someone who's borderline obsessive about being on time, it drives me nuts when other people are late. If you're one of those people, give this article a read and see if it doesn't convince you to change your ways (the arguments are pretty compelling). If you're like me, send the story to someone you think should read it. Let's work together to wipe out tardiness in our...sorry...time!
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