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How to Remember Names

nametag.jpgWe've all been there before: You get introduced to someone at a conference or meeting, a 10 seconds later you've forgotten the person's name. D'oh! AOL Jobs offers seven tricks for remembering names, including a rather amusing one employed by FDR:

Picture it written on their forehead. Franklin Roosevelt continually amazed his staff by remembering the names of nearly everyone he met. His secret? He used to imagine seeing the name written across the person's forehead. This is a particularly powerful technique if you visualize the name written in your favorite color of Magic Marker.
Other tips include associating the name with a familiar image or famous person; repeating it throughout the conversation; and imagining yourself writing the name using your finger. To this great advice I'll add my own: If you do forget someone's name, fess up. Nip it in the bud by saying, "I'm sorry, I missed your name when we were first introduced." Then tell the person your own name just in case he/she's forgotten it as well. Otherwise you run the risk of playing out your own personal Seinfeld episode. "Mulva?"
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