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How To Wiggle Away Weight

Want to shimmy and shake your way to a better and healthier body?

Neena and Veena, billed as the world's only identical twin belly dancers, have a new DVD out that shows how the use of weights can transform the ancient dance art into a low-impact fitness routine.

Into addition to fewer pounds, the sisters say, the dividends from such a workout include "a healthy back, a good posture, and an hourglass shape."

They recommend starting with small weights and working up to the five-pound weights.

As they

The Early Show co-anchor Hannah Storm through a beginners routine, Neena and Veena suggest a warm-up of hip rolls, followed by forward and back steps, which add a cardio element to the workout

Holding weights in each hand, the belly dancers incorporate shoulder rolls, one shoulder at a time, then lower into a squat as they continue the rolls.

Neena and Veena are trained in yoga and ballet as well fitness and belly dancing. Their 10th and newest video, "Bellydance Core Conditioning," can be ordered on their Web site,

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