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Howard Stern Apologizes to David Letterman on "Late Show"

Howard Stern on the "Late Show," Feb. 3, 2011. CBS/YouTube

NEW YORK (CBS) Howard Stern owed David Letterman an apology, and gave it to him during an appearance on the "Late Show" Thursday.

The shock jock wanted to say sorry for something that happened many years ago.

PICTURES: Howard Stern
PICTURES: David Letterman

Early in both of their careers, Letterman used to call Stern at home. Stern would then talk about those conversations on his radio show, which upset Letterman and led to the phone calls stopping.

"I really want to apologize to you for doing that," Stern said sincerely. "And if you should call me again, I would not reveal what you said."

Stern also weighed in on the late night TV wars. Watch the video below:

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