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Humor: Which TV Show Will Obama Go On Next?

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As the White House launches its latest media blitz for President Obama's health care plan, it appears he's willing to go anyway and do almost anything to convey his message and get his proposals enacted.

This weekend, he makes an unprecedented series of appearances on five Sunday talk shows and then on Monday night, he'll be David Letterman's guest for the hour.

The White House sees it as an opportunity to reach out beyond the 32 health care speeches Mr. Obama has given to date, including a nationally-broadcast address to a joint session of Congress last Wednesday.

But it may be missing some other primetime opportunities the president can use to take his health care case directly to the American people.

Could any of these be in Mr. Obama's future?

CSI: On a fund-raising visit to Las Vegas, Mr. Obama lends a hand to the CSI team as it investigates the attempted murder of a health insurance executive attending a convention in the president's hotel.

FOOD NETWORK: Before serving as a judge on an episode of Iron Chef America, Mr. Obama demonstrates the right way to sneeze into your sleeve while preparing food.

ANIMAL PLANET: Accompanied by Bo the first pooch, Mr. Obama chats with other dog owners about putting a collar on health care costs.

TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES: Before introducing the 1940 movie "Dr. Kildare Goes Home," Mr.Obama chats with TCM host Robert Osborne about how far health care in America has come since the days of Dr. Kildare.

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE: Mr. Obama shows he bears no grudge against the reality show which Fox broadcast in place of his address to Congress last week. Mr. Obama hails dancing as a way to keep fit and hold down health care costs.

THE HALLMARK CHANNEL: Mr. Obama hosts a marathon of "Golden Girls" episodes to make the case to seniors that his health care plan will not reduce Medicare benefits.

DISCOVERY CHANNEL: The team on "MythBusters" welcomes Mr. Obama as they examine Republican charges that Obamacare would establish "death panels."

A&E: "Dog the Bounty Hunter" gets an assist from Mr. Obama as they go after Americans who can afford but don't purchase health insurance.

NICKOLDEON: Mr. Obama makes a rare appearance on Cable's #1 kids show "SpongeBob SquarePants" to show kids how to wash their hands so as to avoid getting H1N1 flu.

COMEDY CENTRAL: Mr. Obama introduces episodes from the hospital-based sitcom "Scrubs," to make a point about computerizing the nation's medical records.

TLC: On an episode of the series "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant," Mr. Obama makes the point that his health care plan will not fund abortions.

AMERICA'S GOT TALENT: Mr. Obama drops by to say that while many Americans have talent, too many lack health insurance but can get it if his plan is enacted.

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