Florida nursing homes evacuate ahead of Hurricane Dorian, but some don't want to leave

Mandatory evacuations underway in Florida
Mandatory evacuations underway in Florida 01:26

Nearly a quarter of Florida's population is over 60; 93 nursing homes and seven hospitals have been evacuated ahead of Hurricane Dorian. But some residents don't want to leave.

That includes 96-year-old Patricia Laurencelle, who told "CBS Evening News" she prefers to stay home.

"I'm uneasy," Laurencelle said when asked if she's nervous about the impending storm.

She packed a bag just in case but will stay for now.

K.C. Kelber, 70, and his neighbor, 75 year-old Buzz Rossman, are also staying put.

"If the winds get over 120 mph, we are going to have to vacate," Kelber admitted, "Because I'm worried about the windows.

More than 8 million seniors live in Florida's east coast counties and face the menace of Dorian.    

"I probably can't run anymore but I can trundle out to my car and take off," Rossman told CBS News. Kelber agrees that's not much of a plan, though.

When asked what's worrying Kelber: "Just him not being able to get out of here because he does move kind of slow and he is a little bit fragile."

Florida preps for street flooding & power out... 00:53
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