Husband, wife believed responsible for murders of Texas prosecutors

Kim Lene Williams and Eric Lyle Williams in mugshots released by the Kaufman County Sheriff's Office. Kim Williams was arrested April 17, 2013 in connection with the murders of Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McLelland, his wife, Cynthia, and Assistant District Attorney Mark Haase.
Kaufman County Sheriff's Office
Eric Lyle Williams and Kim Lene Williams. Kaufman County Sheriff's Office

(CBS News) -- When two prosecutors were shot to death in Texas this year, it sent shivers through law enforcement. Now authorities in Kaufman County believe they have solved both murders.

The wife of a former justice of the peace has been charged with capital murder. Her husband is already in jail on a related charge.

Police arrested Kim Williams early Wednesday morning. According to an affidavit police say she confessed to participating in the plot to kill the county district attorney, his wife and a top prosecutor and she claims it was her husband Eric who pulled the trigger.

Kim Williams did not say why -- but the affidavit points out Eric Williams had lost his job as justice of the peace after an investigation by district attorney Mike McLelland and prosecutor Mark Hasse.

Prosecutor Mark Hasse, left, and DA Mike McLelland and his wife Cynthia, right.
Prosecutor Mark Hasse, left, DA Mike McLelland and wife Cynthia, right. AP Photo

The men used surveillance video to determine Eric Williams stole office computers, although he denied it.

The affidavit says Hasse and McLelland believed Williams was "a threat to their personal safety" and both men "regularly carried handguns" after Williams lost his job.

Hasse was gunned down just steps from the county courthouse in January.

County judge Bruce Woods said after Mark Hasse was murdered, Mike McLelland revealed his suspicions about Williams.

A still from surveillance video allegedly showing Eric Williams stealing office computers. CBS News

"Mr McLelland indicated to me very early on the day of Mark's murder that he felt like the person that needed to be investigated was Eric Williams," said Woods.

"My belief was, is that certainly he would be investigated"

McLelland and his wife Cynthia were shot and killed in their home two months after Mark Hasse's death.

At the time, Eric Williams told CBS Dallas Fort Worth: "My heart goes out to all the families that have been affected by this tragedy."

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A search last weekend of Williams' home, his in-laws home and a storage facility, found multiple guns and a car similar to one spotted near the McLelland shooting.

Eric and Kim Williams are being held at the Kaufman County jail.

(Left: Family of slain Texas prosecutor, wife, claim not enough was done to protect them.)

Kim Williams could face the death penalty if she is convicted.

It is expected Eric Williams will be charged over the murders Thursday.