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Hysterical tribute to Beyonce's "Countdown" (performed in a Snuggie)

(CBS News) Stop what you're doing and get ready to smile, laugh and be impressed. A young fan of Beyonce decided to try and emulate her smash hit music video "Countdown" with an interesting twist. Check out the amazing tribute video side-by-side with the original in the above video. 

That has to be the cutest and most impressive tribute to Beyonce that has ever been done in the history of forever! The hilarious cover was done by Ton Do-Nguyen who dedicates the music video to "Queen Bey" and has earned a triple-rainbow salute from all of us here at The Feed for this wonderful work. To check out more videos from Ton Do-Nguyen (including the video tribute not done in side-by-side fashion), you can visit his YouTube page by clicking here.

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