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Improve Outlook Performance By Removing Attachments

Everyone knows that a bloated Outlook is a slow Outlook. You can improve your performance -- as well as make your attached files easier to find -- by saving them in a folder on your hard drive instead of in your inbox. Kopf Outlook Attachment Remover can automatically clean up your Outlook attachment problem for you.

Just point this free utility at a folder (or a range of folders) and Kopf Outlook Attachment Remover will save a copy of all your attachments in the location on your hard drive that you specify. Even better, the program can leave a link to the new location behind in the e-mail. So when you open a message that once had an attachment, you can open the attachment As if nothing has changed.

In fact, Remover has a lot of options. You can replace attachments with links or just a text reference to the removed attachment -- or don't replace it with anything at all. You can customize the way it saves attachments to your hard drive. And if you have second thoughts, you can even undo the removal later, restoring attachments to their original messages.

This is a great little utility -- not only does it help keep your PST file at a reasonable size, but it centralizes all of your attachments and makes them much easier to search. It has some limitations, of course. When you delete an e-mail, the removed attachment remains behind on your hard drive, which may or may not be what you had in mind, and has the potential to generate a lot of hard drive clutter over the long haul. But I like the way this program keeps Outlook trim and tidy, so I consider it a win. [via ghacks]

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