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Insert Snippets of Other Office Apps into Word, Amaze Co-Workers, Get Promoted

No doubt you've pasted some cells of a spreadsheet into a Word doc or an e-mail message and felt empty inside, like the dark void that permeates us all was slowly eating away at you through the existential bleakness which goes by the name of your weekly status report.

Perhaps I've overstated the problem.

There's a lot more to the Paste command than you think. Used properly, you can continue to edit a spreadsheet or a PowerPoint slide even after you paste it into a different document. Or maintain a live link back to the other program. It's a handy trick that can really enhance the quality of your documents.

Watch this short Business Hacks exclusive video (try it in full screen mode for best results) to learn how to do more with your documents when you paste them between applications.

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