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Inside Baseball: The Lineup

With Rep. Hilda Solis (D-Calif.) highlighting diversity as part of her (as yet unofficial) bid for Democratic caucus vice chair, it’s worth taking a step back and cataloguing the current leadership makeup.

If Xavier Becerra does indeed vacate his post to become U.S. Trade Representative, the number of Congressional Hispanic Caucus members represented in leadership will decrease from two to one. Rep. Dennis Cardoza, a member of leadership with no formal title but a place at the table, will remain. Cardoza himself has been floated as a candidate.

If Solis captured the position, there would again be two CHC members in leadership.

Below is a rundown of the current Democratic leadership posts. Four of nine hail from California…

House Speaker: Nancy Pelosi, Calif.

Majority Leader: Steny Hoyer, Md.

Majority Whip: James Clyburn, S.C., Congressional Black Caucus

Caucus Chair: John Larson, Conn.

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chair and special adviser to Speaker: Chris Van Hollen, Md.,

Caucus Vice Chair: Xavier Becerra, Calif., Congressional Hispanic Caucus

Leadership member, no official title: Dennis Cardoza, Calif., Congressional Hispanic Caucus

Steering and Policy Committee co-Chair, policy focus: Rep. George Miller, Calif., Progressive Caucus

Steering and Policy Committee co-Chair, steering focus: Rep. Rosa DeLauro, Conn., Progressive Caucus

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