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Iowa St. Coach Gets New Deal

Iowa State extended football coach Dan McCarney's contract by two years Thursday but made it clear he has to produce.

"Let me emphasize that we expect more wins and further tangible improvements next season," athletic director Gene Smith said.

The extension keeps McCarney under contract through the 2001 season. He is in the fourth year of the five-year contract he signed when he took the job in November 1994.

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McCarney is 8-33 with the Cyclones, who are 2-6 overall and 0-5 in the Big 12 this season. Smith said the program has improved during McCarney's tenure and that McCarney has done everything asked of him except win.

"I've worked hard for our program to have an image that people can be proud of," Smith said in an interview. "It means our kids have to behave appropriately and we have to demonstrate character that is representative of Iowans and Cyclones and operate our program with integrity."

"When you look at Dan's record in those areas, if you created a report card, he got all A's," Smith said. "But the bottom line is when you look at wins and losses, we just have to do better."

McCarney said he understood that.

"We're not getting into numbers or those kind of things," he said. "We've got a tremendous working relationship as far as goals and expectations and things we want to do. As you know, lots and lots and lots of things needed to get put into place for us to build a program, not just a team, but a program.

"We've done a lot of those things," McCarney said. "Now we've got to continue to go out and recruit the type of young men that Iowa State people want here, add to the depth and ability of our team so we can start finishing some of those games we've been competitive in the lascouple of years."

Smith said that while everyone agrees the team needs to do better next fall, the contract extension contains no performance clauses.

"I heard that rumor, but there's not," he said. "Dan and I have had frank conversations about this year and the future and there's no question we have to have more wins in 1999. I don't know what that number is, but we've got to have more wins.

"If I was a magician I would do that and I would be the number one AD in the country, but who knows?" Smith said. "We all know this is a five-year turnaround deal and we've got to have more wins next year."

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