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iPhone, Android Users Get Faster, Better Gmail

Good news, iPhone and Android users: Google just rolled out some improvements to Gmail for mobiles. Specifically, if you access Gmail via your phone's Web browser, you'll find that it's now faster. And when you select a message, a new "floaty bar" appears up top with options for archiving, deleting, and so on.

You can see the new-and-improved mobile Gmail in action in this short video:

As you can see, the overhauled interface now shows Gmail labels. That alone helps answer the question, "Why would I access Gmail in a browser instead of in my phone's e-mail client?" The browser-based experience just got a lot more, well, Gmail-like.

That said, I think I'll stick with my iPhone's Mail app for now. Though I do rely heavily on Gmail, I don't rely much on labels. What about you? Are you more likely to browser your way into Gmail?

Update: Lifehacker puts the Webapp version of Gmail up against a mail client. The winner? Believe it or not, the browser-based version of Gmail comes out ahead.

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