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iPhone Launch-Day Roundup

iphone22.jpgWell, the big day has finally arrived. Does the air seem sweeter? Does food taste better? Does your current phone seem crappier? Here's a roundup of iPhone launch-day miscellany:

  • Want to know if the iPhone is available at an Apple Store near you? Don't be silly--they're gone by now! But just in case you want to check, here's Apple's store checker. While you're at it, check out Apple's iPhone workshops.
  • Here's a list of iPhone accessories and their prices, including the Bluetooth headset ($129) and Dual Dock (which charges both the iPhone and the headset).
  • Last night's Daily Show featured a fairly hilarious segment devoted to the iPhone, including an interview with Gizmodo's Brian Lam (who had a little trouble keeping a straight face).
  • Still have questions about the iPhone? New York Times columnist David Pogue has answers.
If you're able to score an iPhone today, hit the Comments page and give us a full report. Feel free to gloat a bit, too.

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