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Is Obama Team In The Clear On Blago Scandal?

Now that an Obama transition official has released an internal review showing limited contact and no wrongdoing between the president-elect's staff and embattled Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, can the transition team breathe a sigh of relief?

According to CBS news senior political correspondent Jeff Greenfield, there's nothing in the report that should generate controversy for Obama and his staff, but the "extraordinarily cynical political electorate" may not be satisfied so quickly.

"We learned today in one poll something like more than a third of the people think Obama aides did something unethical," Greenfield said.

Greenfield said that the Obama team's biggest problem is "the surrounding disgust" shared by much of the American public regarding the audiotaped comments Blagojevich allegedly made about the possibility of selling Mr. Obama's Senate seat.

But Greenfield also pointed out that Mr. Obama and his aides have one great advantage.

"Normally when a politician learns he's been taped, they decide it's time to spend more time with their family," he said. "In this case, because Blagojevich was being taped in October, these phone conversations, such as they are, exist on tape and it's not going to be a he said/he said situation. In the words of a sportscaster we all know, they can go to the audiotape and say, 'Look, you have Blagojevich obscenely telling his people we weren't offering anything.' So that's the best advantage they have."

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