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It's Over! But Now The Work Begins

 After six loooong hours, Sen. Chris Dodd, (D-Conn.) closed out Thursday’s auto hearing.

“You get a sense that all of us appreciate here that inaction is unacceptable,” said the Senate Banking chairman. “We also are not about to write a check and hand it over.”

Dodd praised the plans offered by Detroit’s Big Three as a “huge step forward” and promised he and his colleagues would stay in town for several days to get something done. But consensus amoung the committee on how to move forward, however, seemed pretty elusive.

The auto makers didn’t get quite as pilloried as they did last month in the House, but they certainly didn’t have a comfortable Thursday. The Senators seemed to take particular delight in making constant, somewhat caustic mentions of the fact that all three auto CEOs drove to Washington in hybrid cars.
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