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Jamar Simmons, Baltimore city fireman, charged in online prostitution ring

Baltimore City firefighter, Jamar Simmons, was arrested on Monday night for allegedly running an online prostitution ring. CBS/CBS Baltimore

(CBS) BALTIMORE, Md. - Jamar Simmons, a Baltimore City firefighter, was arrested on Monday night for allegedly running an online prostitution ring, reports CBS Baltimore.

A raid on a local warehouse by the FBI led to the discovery of "a small amount of marijuana and various ledgers and documents that would suggest that an online prostitution and human trafficking operation was being conducted from that location," Anthony Guglielmi of the Baltimore City Police Department told CBS Baltimore.

Franklin Colt, 33, was also arrrested in the raid and charged with running an online prostitution ring. Police also found a handgun, some ammunition, sex toys, condoms, several computers and flash drives.

In 2010, Simmons, 29, was arrested by Baltimore County police on similar charges of prostitution and human trafficking. Most of the charges were dropped and he was put on probation.

Chief Kevin Cartwright of the Baltimore Fire Department told CBS Baltimore that Simmons has been suspended without pay and the department will begin their preliminary investigation.

Simmons and Colt are both facing prostitution and gun charges, but because Colt has already been convicted of an unknown crime, he could face elevated charges.

Baltimore City police told CBS Boston that are in discussions with the FBI about possible federal charges against them.

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