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Jobs In Obama Administration Hard To Come By

Here's some bad news for those who applied to work in the Obama administration: With fewer than 8,000 jobs available and more than 300,000 applicants, the odds of landing a gig stand at more than 37 to one. And as folks keep applying, they're only getting longer.

The flood of resumes, CNN notes, means that a group of people roughly equivalent to the population of Iceland have applied to be a part of the administration. President Bush only got about 44,000 applications before his first term in 2001; President Clinton's transition team dealt with about 100,000.

For those undeterred by these figures, it's not too late to apply for a gig: You can fill out an expression of interest form here. And if that doesn't work out, you might set your sites on one of the three million jobs the president-elect says he will save or create over the next two years.

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