Joe Torre: Roger Clemens "was like a son to me"


(CBS News) Roger Clemens, the former star player currently on re-trial for perjury, "was like a son to me," Joe Torre said Tuesday on "CBS This Morning."

Monday, Brian McNamee testifiedthat he injected Clemens with steroids several times in 1998. McNamee, former trainer for Clemens, is one of the star witnesses in the case. Clemens denies using performance-enhancing drugs.

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"Whether Roger did or didn't do what people are talking about - the fact that his chances of getting into the Hall of Fame seem to be minimized now with all this attention paid to lying to Congress," Torre said of his former player. Torre was manager of the New York Yankees when Clemens was on the team.

Torre said he believes that Clemens believes what he's saying. "When he says things he believes what he says," Torre said. "It's just a sad time for me because I know what Roger was in his time with me."

Now working for Major League Baseball, Torre previously played for and managed several teams including the Braves, Cardinals, and Mets. Torre called Hank Aaron the greatest he ever played with, and Derek Jeter the greatest he ever managed.

"He may not be gifted with the best ability in the world," Torre said of Jeter. "But when you put the package together, there's something special about this young man."

Torre credits his time spent with the St. Louis Cardinals as important during his formative playing years, but in his heart - he says he's a Yankee.

"This is where I realized my dream...the World Series," Torre said. Torre won four total rings with the New York Yankees.