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Joe Wilson Gets Choked Up Over Floor Speech

On their way to taping "Washington Unplugged" on the balcony of the Senate Russell building Capitol Hill Correspondent Nancy Cordes and producer Jill Jackson ran into Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., who told them he feels the Democratic leadership, who will issue a resolution of reprimand against him this afternoon, is using his comments has a "distraction" from "real' issues. He also confirmed to CBS News that he will defend himself on the House floor this afternoon.

Cordes also asked the congressman about the speculation by some that this would not have happened to a president who was not black. "That's um a distraction," Wilson said. "The key point is the president has accepted my apology and I am very very grateful."

"He says he is still planning what he is going to say on the floor," Cordes said minutes later on the Webcast, but he told the CBS reporters that he does not plan on apologizing again for his comments.

Asked for a preview of his floor remarks, Wilson got choked up and said he would say he appreciates the American people and his family.

Wilson told Cordes and Jackson that it should suffice that he apologized to the highest office in the land, calling the White House after calling out "you lie!" during the president's address to a joint session of Congress last Wednesday.

"[T]he apology I made that should be it," he said, "that should be the end."

"I agreed with the White House we should be discussing the elements of health care. That's what we should be doing. Not playing politics," he told Cordes.

"It's been a very troubled start leading up to this," Jackson said during the show. "The resolution just punishes his conduct. They say it is not about his speech...they want to keep it in the decorum realm rather than anything political."

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