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Joe Wilson's Wife: I Couldn't Believe He Said It

Roxanne Wilson, wife of South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson, says in a new video posted to YouTube that she couldn't believe her husband was "the nut" who shouted "You Lie!" during President Obama's address to a joint session of Congress last week.

In the video, which was produced by Wilson's campaign, Roxanne Wilson explains her husband's actions by saying he "is very passionate."

"I couldn't believe that Joe would say that," she says, after explaining how her husband informed her he was the responsible party. She goes on to note that people were passionate and upset in town hall meetings over the summer and that she thinks that was the source of the outburst.

"Joe apologized, and I'm real proud of him, and I'm very appreciative that the president accepted the apology," she says. "…My husband doesn't deserve the treatment he's getting from Congress."

House Democrats are today bringing to the floor a resolution of disapproval rebuking Wilson for breaking House rules with his outburst.

The rest of the campaign video, it should be noted, is more of a traditional testimonial. In it, gentle music plays and Roxanne Wilson says that she has had a longtime crush on her husband, who she met at "teenage Republican camp."

"He'll do fine," she concludes. "He's a great guy. And I love him a lot."

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