John Kasich: "Justice will be delivered" in Ohio shootings

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich said Saturday that investigators "will find the perpetrators" of the mass shooting that claimed eight lives on Friday, vowing, "Justice will be delivered to them."

"The attorney general is on top of this, and of course our highway patrol now is involved and local law enforcement," Kasich, who's running for the Republican presidential nomination, said in an interview with "Face the Nation" that was taped for Sunday's broadcast. "This investigation goes on into what is, you know, just a breathtaking horrible set of murders. And all I can say is that all of Ohio and I think a lot of the country is just horrified by what we've seen. And I'm confident at the end of the day that we will find the perpetrators and justice will be delivered to them."

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Seven adults and one sixteen-year-old boy were found dead in four different locations in Southern Ohio on Friday, shot in the head in a series of execution-style murders. Investigators haven't released full names, but they've said the victims were all members of the local Rhoden family.

The perpetrators remain at large. Ohio's attorney general, Mike DeWine, said Friday that authorities aren't sure how many gunmen there might have been.

"All indications are it appears as though it was one family being targeted," Kasich explained Saturday. "But any speculation beyond that, coming from me, I just think would be inappropriate. We'll let information come out as it's available, and I think I've learned over time that, when you have a circumstance like this, let the process take place."

"Obviously, if they felt there was a danger to the public that the public would be notified," Kasich added. "But let's let the people there on the ground handle this."

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