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Jonathan Strietzel: Creating the "Digital You"

Jonathan Strietzel is the Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of, a new digital media company that is bringing digital versions of real people to life. For those of you who've dreamed of staring in a blockbuster movie or TV show alongside their favorite actor, or perhaps you've wanted to save the world in a video game, rock out on a music video, offers you the opportunity to do so in less than 30 seconds. Sound like fun? Well this seemingly innocuous idea turns out to be big business. This completely new entertainment vertical will be a big win for advertisers who are constantly looking for creative new ways for people to interact with their product.

Web customization, in the cyberworld, is king This is evidenced just by looking at the explosive growth of user-centric Facebook applications, YouTube videos, and MySpace pages. What started out as merely cartoon-like image engines, shifted toward three-dimensional architectures where users have been able to give life to their pint-size replicates. has taken it one step further from a static format into a fully interactive functionality, where the possibilities are seemingly endless. The genius behind this company is that it takes an "open stage" platform, where users can simply download an API toolkit and use structural bits of content to create their own microsight. In essence, the site turns into a network engine where users build, customize and improve features and contribute directly to the site's growth.

Other Popular Avatar Sites
Yahoo Messenger Application: Downloadable IM icon
Pros: Wide variety of outfits, backgrounds, props
Cons: Facial features must be chosen as a set
One of the first to offer modern-day avatars, Yahoo Messenger's style is a cartoony realism made believable with an assortment of facial shapes and an ever-expanding library of evocative backgrounds and fashions, the latter of which make it practical to update avatars seasonally. Outfits and backgrounds have also become culturally inclusive; for example, Yahoo has recently added saris and Indian backgrounds. Plus-size outfits are also available, though skin- and hair-tone options are restricted to a small assortment.

IMVU Application: Interactive, downloadable IM figure
Pros: Avatars are 3D, interactive
Cons: Monetary/point system for earning features and gear

IMVU's avatar builder is simple to use, but perhaps too simple. Limited gear comes free, including three-to-four variations on the basic avatar for head shape, hair color, and complexion. All other options are created by third-party developers and available by purchase or points. Consequently, some outfits may be more adult-themed than parents might like. Third-party add-ons must be downloaded and installed, so consider scanning them first. I appreciate the avatars' 3D detail and the extensive engine for orchestrating moods and movement, but I also resent having to pay for personal features--buying designer avatar clothing is one thing; paying to faithfully represent my appearance is another.

Second Life Application: Gameplay figure for 3D downloadable game
Pros: Exhaustive feature adjustments along a gradient
Cons: Huge memory requirement can cause system instability

Customizing a Second Life avatar could be nearly as time-consuming as navigating the 3D game environment, especially for detail-oriented users who want to make their avatars just right. Sliding scales allow users to set dimensions for numerous variables per feature, an impressive and exhausting rite. For the nose alone, users can fine-tune the height, width, angle, nostril definition, and two bridges. As satisfying as the end result may be for creating convincing digital people, diligent users may find themselves spending hours on their looks, if not becoming overwhelmed to a point of paralysis.

WeeWorld Application: Exportable to IM, personal Web space
Pros: Select colors for clothing item and hair
Cons: Simplistic design may seen juvenile to some; usage fee for embedding into Windows Live Messenger churns out brightly colored cartoon "WeeMees" with the oversize eyes and universal beam of the classic emoticon. There are plenty of whimsical expressions, headgear, animal sidekicks, and accessories, enabling your avatar to grimace while donning a Viking helmet and gripping french fries. Hairstyles include facial hair, and users can equip their avatars with anatomical features like a round belly or chiseled abs. The boxy, cherubic avatars resemble more innocent versions of the squat protagonists from television's South Park, even down to a variation of the hooded sweatshirt worn by Kenny, one of South Park's principle characters.

Famster Application: Family-oriented social-networking site
Pros: Variations for age and body type, realistic 2D graphics
Cons: Minimal animation; site experience costs money

Famster's creation process begins with selecting a male or female figure from a choice of five age groups, and then tailoring it with age-appropriate features and clothing from a panel display. Three cheers for being able to create custom colors for your avatar's hair and skin, and for Famster offering plus-size versions of outfits in most categories.

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