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Joss Stone's Soulful Style

Motown singer Joss Stone burst on to the scene when she was just 14. At 22, she has now sold 10 million albums around the world. Stone's latest CD "Colour Me Free" kicked off her current tour.

Thursday Joss Stone and Jamie Hartman appeared on "The Early Show" to promote their new single "Stalemate."

Stone told "Early Show" co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez that she chose to sing with Hartman because he's passionate about what he's singing.

"They have to mean it, and (Hartman) definitely means it," said Stone. "It has to be soulful. I'm not really stuck into one style. I just like people who mean it -- don't do it if you don't mean it."

Like many, Rodriguez wondered how Stone has managed to be soulful since she was 14.

"People asked me that a lot when I was younger: 'How is it that you can be emotional when you're so young? How can you be a soul singer?'" said Stone. "I believe that I was more emotional when I was young."

Rodriguez then asked what was behind Stone's signature performance footwear: bare feet.

"I just want to be comfortable, I guess," said Stone.

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