Oscar-winner Julianne Moore occasionally worries if she'll get another job

Preview: Julianne Moore on job insecurity
Preview: Julianne Moore on job insecurity 00:20

Actor Julianne Moore has earned an Academy Award and has a resume filled with critically-acclaimed roles most actors would envy. Yet she admits that she occasionally worries if she'll get another part, she tells Jane Pauley, in an interview for "CBS Sunday Morning" to be broadcast March 3.

"Oh, of course. We all do. All actors do," Moore, 58, said of the feeling of a lack of job security in the entertainment industry. "We are self-employed, you know? And talk to anybody who's self-employed, the minute that job is over, you have to find another one.


"So, people always say, 'Why do you worry that, you know, it'll go away?' And I always say, 'Because it's not unprecedented.'"

To her more than 75 film credits, Moore now adds "Gloria Bell," in which she plays a divorced woman spending her nights looking for love on the dance floor. It joins a variety of challenging characters she's played in the past, including a drug-addicted porn star losing custody of her child in "Boogie Nights," and a 1950s housewife with a bisexual husband in "Far from Heaven."

What's the common thread in those roles that interests Moore, Pauley asked?

"They are generally a woman that people don't see," Moore replied. "So, she's not always the person that you would consider at the center of the story."

Moore also talks with Pauley about her life at home, her career, and what it's like to be at the Academy Awards as a nominee (she was up for an Oscar four times before winning for the 2014 drama "Still Alice," playing a woman with increasingly pronounced Alzheimer's). 

To watch a trailer for "Gloria Bell," click on the video player below. 

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