Just Don't Call It Minneapolis!

Protesters gather Monday, Sept. 1, 2008 at the Minnesota State Capitol for a march to the Xcel Energy Center, site of the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minn. (AP Photo/Jim Mone)
AP Photo/Jim Mone

The twin cities are Minneapolis and St. Paul, but they are more frequently known as Minneapolis-St. Paul, CBS News anchor Katie Couric reports.

"There is a city called Minneapolis. There is a city called St. Paul. We are in the city called St. Paul, named after Saint Paul, and that is where the convention is. But few people seem to know that," explained Jim Ragsdale of the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

The sports teams the Twins and the Vikings belong to Minneapolis, but hockey's the real game here. St. Paul hosts the Minnesota Wild, a team that has sold out every single home game in franchise history.

From stars on the ice to stars on the screen - St. Paul is the hometown of Loni Anderson, Julia Duffy, Josh Harnett and CBS News correspondent Ben Tracy.

"Well, growing up in St. Paul you develop a healthy sense of self because you have to because the folks in Minneapolis think they're so much better than you," Tracy said.

But when it finally came time to announce the location for the 2008 Republican Convention, St. Paul awaited its moment in the sun … only to be mistaken for its twin, by a Minnesota Congresswoman, who said: "I think everyone should come to Minneapolis!"

Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., on Larry King Live said, "It's the most beautiful city in the country!"

And even Couric made a slip on air, referring to "John McCain's big night in Minneapolis."

Even Gov. Tim Pawlenty got it wrong, imploring people to "come to Minneapolis for the convention." And he was born in St. Paul.

While few other U.S. cities are actually called "twins," there are plenty that can feel St. Paul's pain.

You rarely hear "Durham" without the "Raleigh," and as for the Texas twosome, the name of the airport says it all, "Dallas-Fort Worth."

And Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer calls it the "Fort Worth-Dallas" airport, but that's "Dallas-Fort Worth" for anyone not from Fort Worth.

There used to be a pair of twin cities on a river in Hungary, called Buda and Pest. They eventually gave up and became one, Budapest.

Could these twin cities ever be known as Minnepaul?

"I guess it's sort of already happening here," said Ragsdale. "We've been merged on the signage outside the conventions."

So, Minneapolis, so, St. Paul, how would you make it on your own? You don't have to when you've got each other.