Just The Positive, Please

Charles Grodin Attempts To Deflect Downbeat Comments

A couple of days after I did my first piece for 60 Minutes II, one of my producers asked if I'd like to see the email responses. I said what I've said for years: "Send me some positive stuff."

I was then asked, "You don't want to see negative?"

I've found over the years if you open yourself up to all the negative everywhere, you end up not sitting up as straight as I do now. You hear a lot of negative, you start to slouch.

Talk Back
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I can imagine just about any criticism. You don't like that I'm sitting on a desk? You don't like the office? You don't like what I said? Actually I hear plenty of criticism, but it comes only from the people I work for, which is the way I think it should be.

But if you're in the public eye, or even if you're not in the public eye, there's criticism everywhere. Even Mother Theresa was attacked. "She took money from dictators," her critics said. Nobody escapes.

But I try. I've tried to avoid it so much I've even been called "avoidant."

Sometimes when I've told people I don't want to hear criticism, they actually look hurt as though I've given them a criticism. When was the last time you looked forward to criticism?

Personally, I would never offer criticism to anyone unless they ask, and I would like no one to offer it to me unless I ask, which honestly doesn't happen all that often.

Having said all that, those of you who feel compelled to send negative comments, please feel free to continue to do so. I promise you they will all be read - just not by me.