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Kaine Says No Thanks To Cabinet Spot

In his monthly call-in radio show, Virginia Governor Tim Kaine said he's not interested in a possible appointment to become Secretary of Education, the AP reports. Kaine, an early and highly visible supporter of President-elect Barack Obama's during the campaign, has been among those mentioned for the post since the election.

Kaine was a serious contender to join Obama on the Democratic ticket and said he would have accepted that invitation because he "would have viewed it like a draft notice." But he said he now intends to serve out his term as governor, which ends in 2010. It would make sense for Kaine to be rewarded. After all, Obama became the first Democrat to win Virginia since Lyndon Johnson did it in 1964. Governors in the state are limited to serving a single term and Kaine did indicate that he would be open to a presidential appointment when his is over.

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