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Kate Bosworth, husband Michael Polish attend "Big Sur" premiere

"Big Sur" cast on bringing Kerouac to life 02:23

Kate Bosworth and husband Michael Polish have taken on Jack Kerouac and the Beat Generation with their new drama, "Big Sur."

The newlyweds appeared on the red carpet Monday night for the New York premiere of their film, which was written and directed by Polish.

Based on Kerouac's classic 1962 novel, the film adaptation takes a look at the beatnik author following his overnight celebrity after the 1957 publication of his magnum opus, "On The Road." Dispirited by his sudden fame, Kerouac, played in the film by actor Jean-Marc Barr, spends some time with close friend Neal Cassady (Josh Lucas) and some other acquaintances, among them a romantic interest played by Bosworth. Kerouac and company try to find themselves by escaping to a remote cabin in California's scenic Big Sur region.

On the red carpet, the actress said it was a little surreal to shoot some of the scenes near the same spots where Kerouac and his friends once frequented.

"It felt like we were revisiting ghosts in a way," said Bosworth, who admitted that the filming experience was an eye-opener.

"I knew Kerouac like I think a lot of students know Kerouac. I got to know him a lot more on this film because obviously we were entrenched," she added.

Watch video above to see Polish, Bosworth and her co-stars at the premiere of "Big Sur," which was screened at this year's Sundance Film Festival and opens in theaters on Friday.

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