Katie Couric's Notebook: Early Voting

The calendar says Election Day is still six weeks away, right? Well, if you live in Georgia, it's already here. Voters there started going to early polling centers today to cast their ballots. Residents in parts of Virginia and Kentucky can also vote now – and more states will follow in the weeks ahead.

In fact, 34 states allow in-person early voting and as many as a third of all votes may be cast before Election Day.

That means the candidates have to refocus their strategies this year. Anyone voting this week will do so before Obama and McCain hold their first debate on Friday – and any 11th-hour surprise could come too late to make a difference.

For those who have made up their minds, early voting can be a convenient option. But the millions of undecided Americans should wait to make sure they have all the facts. Only then should they jump off the fence. This decision is too important.