Katie Couric's Notebook: Palin's E-Mail Hacked

There's been a heated debate swirling on the blogs about Gov. Sarah Palin's Yahoo e-mail account, and whether she may have conducted official state business there. The question certainly raises eyebrows, but the FBI is now focused on another incident involving her personal e-mail.

On Tuesday, an anonymous person or persons hacked into Gov. Palin's account, changed the password, and proceeded to forward her personal information around the Internet. That included private photos of her kids that ended up on websites such as Gawker and Wikileaks.

Sarah Palin is a public figure, but she has the right to privacy and so does her family. The scary lesson here is how easy it is to invade that privacy online, and the damage that can be caused by just a few mouse clicks.

If she used her personal account for the wrong reasons, it's up to the authorities to investigate it – not hackers.