Katie Couric's Notebook: Post-9/11 Art

There's a new cottage industry in the art world: sculptures made from items confiscated at airports. One artist, Christopher Locke, molds scissors into metal spiders. In California, a recent exhibit called Dispossessions featured matches, lighters and nail clippers – common items that have been contraband now for seven years. Something as mundane as a discarded emery board serves as a symbol of a new normalcy: life in America post-9/11.

On this seventh anniversary, Americans say they feel safer. A new poll found that just 36 percent think another terrorist attack is likely. That's despite the fact that only 6 percent think the U.S. is very likely to ever capture Osama Bin Laden.

Artwork made from TSA trash is kind of funny, something that any traveler can relate to. But the meaning behind it is no laughing matter. On a clear September day, now seven years ago, the world as we knew it changed forever.