Katie Couric's Notebook: Presidential Legacy

There's a big billboard on I-35 in Minnesota with a photo of former President George W. Bush and the question "Miss Me Yet?"

The answer to that query obviously depends on your political persuasion, but it does raise an interesting discussion for today: Presidents Day.

On the highway of presidential legacy, do objects in the rear view mirror appear greater than they were at the time?

At one point in his presidency, Harry Truman had a 67 percent disapproval rating. Today many historians say he's the greatest foreign policy president ever.

Despite being the only president to resign from office, Nixon's often praised for opening up diplomatic relations with China.

Abraham Lincoln, was so unpopular in 1864, he thought he'd lose his re-election bid. In the end, he won the admiration of generations.

But when it comes to that highway to greatness or not, thank President Eisenhower. He launched the interstate system in 1956.

That's a page from my notebook.

I'm Katie Couric, CBS News.