Katie Couric's Notebook: Where They Stand

How many times during how many elections have voters said the same thing: We in the media focus too much on the war of words, or ads, or personalities, and not enough on the battle of ideas?

Too much process - not enough policy.

Well, I hear you, and starting tonight, the CBS Evening News is trying something new. "Where They Stand" is a 35-part series examining exactly what the candidates would do on all the major issues, from energy to the economy, from health care to homeland security.

Tonight we're talking taxes, and taking an in-depth look at the McCain and Obama plans. They would affect different families with different incomes in very different ways, and we'll make sure you know how the next president might impact the next check you write to Uncle Sam.

"Where They Stand" is all about the issues, and all about giving you the best information - and the best reporting - so you can make an informed decision in just 56 days.