Katie Couric's Notebook: Who Wears The Pants?

It's a question couples are asked all the time: "Who wears the pants in your family?" A report out today from the Pew Research Center shows, increasingly, its women.
Forty-three percent say women make most decisions in their homes. Only 26 percent say men do.

It may also be women who have the final say on Election Day. For the past quarter century, women have voted in larger numbers than men – and experts say that will likely continue. The Obama and McCain campaigns know it, and both candidates are working hard to win the female vote, talking about issues traditionally important to women such as education and health care. Obama even started singing "I'm Every Woman" at a rally in Florida the other day.

With women influencing their husbands on big purchases and where to go on vacation ... might their sway extend all the way to the voting booth? The issue may not be who wears the pants, but the pantsuit.

And in case you missed my Notebook yesterday, you can watch it right here. Sorry, we've been just a little busy!