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Katrina Victim Wins HGTV Dream Home

For Hurricane Katrina victim and New Orleans resident Myra Lewis, life changed in a instant when the HGTV Network came knocking with some very big news.

As the winner of the network's annual dream home giveaway, Lewis will soon be living in a breathtaking, pueblo-style home just outside Santa Fe, N.M.

Lewis sat down with Early Show co-anchor Erica Hill to talk the house and recall her reaction when HGTV surprised her with the news.

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Like many other Katrina victims, Lewis lost her house five years ago in the devastating hurricane. But her sadness was to turn into joy.

"I am blown away. I am blown away. This is unbelievable. Oh, my god," Lewis said when she became the prize's proud owner.

Still taking it all in, Lewis has passed the stage of being completely shocked.

"I think I've got past being overwhelmed to be overjoyed at that time this point," she said.

Did Lewis ever think she would end up being the winner?

"No, but you know what, from the first moment I saw that house, I just loved it. It resonated with me more than any of the previous homes that I've seen that were given away, and I've been in this for years trying to win one. But this one was particular to me. And I entered every single day," Lewis explained. (Contestants are allowed to enter once a day, every day)

Lewis and her sister reminded one another every day to enter the contest. So is she jealous at all?

"I think she's as happy for me as she would have been had she won it," Lewis said.

"Everything about that home," Lewis continued. "And I've been in that area. I have visited Santa Fe. In fact, I drove the Albuquerque-Santa Fe corridor and then I spent time at a retreat near there. So I'm very familiar with the area," Lewis said. "I love the fact that there are those tremendous views all around. I love the outdoor courtyard, etc. The colors in the house, the furniture in the house, the tile work, the artwork, it all speaks to me."

As a life-long New Orleans resident, Lewis has deep roots in the area and is deeply tied to the community, so it will be somewhat of an adjustment for her to pick up and move.

"I think it's going to be a gradual thing," she explained. "As I tell my friends, I do not intend to give up my little piece of New Orleans either so that I can always come home and get my little infusion of New Orleans culture. So that will be important to me that I will not cut ties completely with New Orleans."

Lewis hopes she can keep her New Orleans home, as well.

"Hopefully, if I can swing it, the verdict's out on that one!" she laughed.

Well, if not, her sister will have an extra bedroom where she can stay - and vice versa.

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