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Keep Your Desktop Organized, Files Findable with Deskcretary

In my experience, your Windows desktop and your car's backseat have a lot in common. For some people, both will be meticulously clean and organized. For others, the car will be littered with burger wrappers, empty soda cans, and baby toys -- and the desktop will be chock full of dozens of files so poorly managed that it's impossible to find anything in a hurry.

If you're in that second category, you could transform yourself overnight into a completely different, better organized person, or you could simply let Deskcretary automatically manage organize our files for you.

To be perfectly clear, Deskcretary isn't for everyone. Certainly, It's not for me. If you tend to put newly created or recently downloaded files in logical locations, such as smartly named folders within My Documents, Deskcretary has nothing to offer you.

But if you use your desktop like a file sponge and then have trouble scanning the dozens of resulting files for what you need, allow Deskcretary to do its magic. Deskcretary creates its own folder on your desktop, and routinely moves your randomly placed desktop items to its own folder using a date-based storage system. Then use Deskcretary Explorer to locate what you need when you need it.

Deskcretary is small, efficient, free, and quite configurable. You can tell it how frequently to organize and archive your desktop files, and its Deskcretary Explorer works quite well.

But if you want my advice, skip Deskcretary and just organize your stuff to begin with. [via AppScout]

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