Kidnapped: A Year Later

Stan Still Insists He's Done Nothing Wrong

A year after Cheryl Lamare's latest rescue attempt, 48 Hours Correspondent Susan Spencer finds out what happened to some of those involved.

Still in Crete with his daughter Jamie, Stan Voulgarelis insists that he has never sexually abused her. During a visit, he urged Spencer to talk with Jamie alone to ask if she had been sexually abused. She insisted that she liked living with her father, and that he had never touched her inappropriately.

Jamie has a message for her mother: "She shouldn't try to come back and get me because I'll go only when I want to go."

But shortly after our program aired a year ago, a young woman named Lisa contacted 48 Hours. She said she was a stepdaughter from Stan's previous marriage, and she had a shocking claim.

She said that when her mother was married to Stan 20 years ago, he routinely touched her in an inappropriate way. "He would just fondle my buttocks and my breasts," Lisa says. "I didn't like it; I felt dirty."

Lisa says he demanded total silence.

In response, Stan says Lisa hated him for being a strict parent. She did file a complaint with authorities in 1983, according to one report. The charge, however, was later dropped. Stan says that Lisa's claims are part of a new scheme by Cheryl to get her daughter back.

Over the past year, Cheryl has reconsidered. Because her daughter doesn't seem to want to come back, Cheryl is beginning to accept that she may never be able to bring Jamie home.

Says Cheryl: "I spent a lot of time thinking about this and I've allowed myself to try to understand that she probably has some very loving relationships over there. She's a survivor." But she's not sorry she tried. All the money and pain were worth it, she says, because it showed Jamie that her mother loved her.

Cheryl's family has also grown this year. She now has six kids, including Jamie. She is focusing on the future.

Even Jamie's sister Ellie, who has just graduated from eighth grade in New Hampshire, realizes that she won't be seeing her sister anytime soon. "I really miss her and I hope she comes back," Ellie says. "But if I thought about it all the time, I wouldn't live my own life. And that's something I have to do."

But even thousands of miles away, Cheryl still thinks of her daughter: "I haven't given up on her. I'm still doing what I feel is best for her. In my mind, it's just as big a sacrifice to let go as it would be to grab her."

"When you give birth to a child, you're dedicated for life."

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