Frustration Beyond Belief

How would you react if your daughters were kidnapped? What if they were taken to another country by your ex-husband, who's been accused of sexually abusing them? Cheryl Lamare had to face this terrifying dilemma. And she's had to face it for nine years. She's been trying to get her daughter Jamie back any way she can. In 1989, he ex-husband Stan Voulgarelis, a Greek citizen, kidnapped their two daughters and took them to Greece.

Within a few months, Cheryl was able to retrieve the older one, Ellie. But she couldn't find Jamie, and has been unable to bring her back. Follow her as she tries to get her daughter back with the help of a team of private detectives.

48 Hours reports on a woman who refuses to give up. Follow her to Crete, where she and a team of ex-commandos and detectives try to retrieve her daughter. Will the ex-husband outfox them again? Or will she be reunited with a daughter she last saw nine years ago?

The Search For Jamie: It's an international game of cat and mouse. Only it's not a game. Get the story behind this week's 48 Hours.

Kidnapped: A Year Later: Find out what's happened in the case since the show was first broadcast in 1998.

A Closer Look: Cheryl Lamare: Cheryl Lamare is obsessed with getting her daughter Jamie back. 48 Hours talks to her to find out the latest.

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