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Kids Pick Holiday's Top 10 Toys

Make this playful season a special one for your kids with Family Fun magazine's top 10 holiday toys.

The toys are all chosen by kids – 1,300 kids from around the country to be exact. They spent 38,000 hours playing in order to whittle them down to the absolute favorites.

Family Fun Contributing Editor, Lee Woodruff gives The Early Show a show & tell of the top 10 toys, which range in age groups from three to 12.

"For most of us, Christmas is an investment and you don't want to spend $60 on something that will sit in the corner," said Woodruff, "these awards have kind of come to be known as the Oscars of the toy industry because they're really independent."

The top 10 toys are listed in order:

The toys listed in Family Fun have been tested and are not only parent approved, but they are things kids really love. This list will parents make sure they get the bang for their buck and are make smart decisions.

1) Rescue Heroes Robotz Hyper Jet HQ (Fisher-Price, $60, ages 3-4)
This command center has more bells and whistles than a five-alarm fire, including a pop-up mission screen that issues commands and backpacks that allow Rescue Heroes action figures (sold separately for $9 to $15 each) to bark orders.

When the going gets really tough, reconfigure the jet to form a giant space robot. Includes one smaller talking robot.

2) Speedstars Halfpipe Highway (Playskool, $39, ages 3-4)
A police cruiser tears after a hot rod on this high-banked racetrack. Little kids appreciate the big-kid speed. Parents will be glad that both cars are hand-cranked, eliminating the need for batteries.

3) Bratz Tokyo a Go-Go Dolls (MGA Entertainment, $27, ages 5-7)
Go-going for the latest trendy look, this line of the popular Bratz dolls comes with Tokyo-inspired outfits and accessories, such as neon hair braids, robo pets, and other e-gadgets. Eight girl and boy dolls available.

4) Bratz Flashback Fever Party Bus (MGA Entertainment, $90, ages 5-7)
Destination is immaterial in a ride like this. Move the walls and roof to transform it into a funkadelic cruise mobile, complete with an FM radio, a Jacuzzi that holds water, a pretend plasma TV, a spiral staircase to a roof loft, a smoothie bar, and more.

5) ESPN GameStation (Fisher-Price, $190, ages 10-12)
Sports nuts will think they've gone to heaven when they see this rec-room combination of baseball, basketball, football, golf, hockey, and soccer. Electronic sensors keep score, and a speaker provides color commentary, music, and sound effects. Note: assembly -- a multihour job -- is also a workout.

6) Hershey's S'mores Maker (Spin Master, $25, ages 8-9)
There's no cheery fire (which is probably for the best), but this self-contained heating device does a decent job of turning marshmallows on a plastic stick into gooey blobs. Food and lightbulb not included.

7) Hogwarts Castle (Lego, $90, ages 8-9)
We've seen lots of construction sets over the years, but this may be the coolest yet, with a ticking clock tower, swinging staircases, and spooky details hidden in every corner. Includes 928 pieces.

8) V.Smile TV Learning System (VTech, $60, ages 3-4)
This video game console jacks right into the TV or VCR. Each cartridge (one included; ten sold separately for $20) is loaded with full-color, joystick- controlled educational games such as Jungle Ride, in which players match letters to pictures as they steer down a river.

9) Magic Talkin' Kitchen Crew (Playskool, $40, ages 3-4)
Talking appliances, such as an oven, microwave, and blender, will keep mealtime conversations lively. Lots of knobs, buttons, play food, cookware, and goofy sounds spice up the fun. Includes 13 pieces.

10) Shrek 2 Twisted Fairy Tale Game (Milton Bradley, $15, ages 5-7)
It's an ogre-the-top race to rescue Princess Fiona from the castle. As players travel across the Far Far Away board, they pick up challenge cards that command them to sing a song from the movie, bray like Donkey, or burp until they turn green.

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