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Kill Stress Dead

stress.jpgStress sucks. It wreaks havoc on your mind and body and, consequently, dampens your productivity (or sidelines you entirely). The Ririan Project offers help in the form of "19 Battlefield Tips to Survive Stress at Work." A sample:

Smiling is good, laughing is even better. Nat King Cole had it right when he sang: "Smile though your heart is aching." The brain cannot easily hold contrary emotional states simultaneously -- so if you want to feel more smiley, then smile more. But if smiling is good, laughing is even better. A good belly laugh exercises your abdominal muscles and gets fresh air into your lungs. Think of it as an internal workout.
It's true: Stress evaporates when you laugh. I find I can get at least a few good yuks from any given episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, which airs several dozen times daily. (If you're really stressed, rent Arrested Development on DVD). What's your favorite method for banishing stress? Click the Comments link up top and help out your fellow business-folk. [via]
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