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Lawyer: No Ill Will Toward My Attacker

A lawyer who was shot five times at pointblank range outside a courthouse in an incident that was

says he harbors no ill will toward the man convicted of repeatedly firing at him.

Gerald Curry kept ducking behind a tree to try to get out of harm's way.

The gunman, William Strier, 66, could face life in prison when he's sentenced Feb. 24. He was found guilty Friday of attempted murder.

Strier was acquitted of making a criminal threat for alleged telephone calls to the woman who managed a $98,000 trust he received after he was struck by a car.

Strier, who attended the trial on a gurney because of what his lawyer said were back problems, said nothing. The attorney, Arna Zlotnick, said Strier believed his trust had been mismanaged and Strier "lost his mind" during the attack on Halloween day, Oct. 31, 2003.

The shooting was taped by a television cameraman covering the murder case of actor Robert Blake outside the Van Nuys courthouse. After Strier empties his handgun at Curry, Strier is seen calmly pocketing the weapon and walking away, but he was quickly tackled by a reserve sheriff's deputy.

Curry, who had never met Strier before the attack, says he is satisfied with the verdict.


The Early Show co-anchor Rene Syler Monday, "(Strier is) a troubled man. I was fortunate to have survived the incident. I look forward rather than looking back. I harbor no hostility toward him."

Curry says, "It's been more than two years, and I am very gratified that he was convicted. And there is definitely a sense of relief and satisfaction.

"I'm physically completely recovered."

What about psychological?

"I lead a pretty normal life. I'm a pretty normal guy. I think I've weathered it pretty well and I'm doing fine."

He adds that seeing the videotape played several times during the trial didn't faze him: "I had seen the videotape many times before and I also had testified at the preliminary hearing. … And it was a shocking incident, but I've recovered from it. I'm doing fine now."

Curry knows he's a lucky man.

"The ER doctor told me that if the bullet (that hit him in the neck) had been half-an-inch in, it would have hit my carotid artery and I would have bled to death in a couple of minutes."

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