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Lazy Girls' Beauty and Fitness Guide

We're all heard the old maxim, "No pain, no gain."

Well, how about little pain, lots of gain?

On "The Early Show" Monday, Self magazine Fitness Director Meaghan Murphy shared shortcuts to enable you to get the most out of the least amount of time and effort.

If you're frazzled or frantic, she says, these finds are for you, adding that we're all busy and don't have time to spend in front of the mirrors and going to the gym, so these products will give fast fixes for women with little time.

Murphy showcased seven products to help with everything from beauty to fitness to nutritional needs.

Her suggestions:

Fitness Quick Fixes

FarmaCell Milk Shorts at Bliss Spa ($69;

GOAL: Smooth cellulite as you sleep.

Lazy Grade: A

This is the ultimate lazy girl gift. The shorts fit snugly around the thighs and belly and are built to diminish the appearance of cellulite by micro-massaging it. The shorts left a temporary fishnet pattern on our testers skin, but she noticed results within a few weeks. The skin on your thighs will feel smoother, and legs fell more toned all around. What more could a lazy girl want from a pair of shorts.

Out tester noticed results after only a few weeks.


MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology) trainers or Reebok Easy Tones (from $100 at major retailers, Footlocker)

GOAL: Tone up while you stroll.

Lazy Grade: A

Why wear shoes that make you feel as if you're walking barefoot on the sand, even when you're on the sidewalk? Because they'll get you into string-bikini shape without ever setting foot in a gym. MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology) trainers were among the first sneakers created to sculpt and lift your leg and abdominal muscles as you stride, working your butt, calves and hamstrings more than ordinary kicks. Several companies make similar (and cheaper!) versions, including Reebok EasyTones.Your These shoes are the real deal. Your legs may ache from walking in them as you are really working your muscles. Our lazy girl's tush and thighs looked and felt firmer after wearing them after a couple days!

Use the shoe when you are not working out. If you are new to this technology, then your legs might feel a little achy in the beginning. But this means your butt is working and toning.

Healthy Quick Fixes

Fuze Slenderize beverages ($2; grocery stores)

GOAL: Sip your way slender

Lazy Grade: A-

There are 5 to 10 calories per serving and come in an array of delicious fruit flavors. The lazy component is that it contains an ingredient (Super CitriMax) that supposedly promotes a healthy metabolism. The reality of how effective it is on your metabolism is up in the air, but it is certainly delicious. Our tester found herself walking 3 miles to find a store in NYC that had it. So at the very least she was getting a workout!

SpaFinder's "I Will Reflect" bracelet ($5;

GOAL: Don't get burned again.

Lazy Grade: A

Whether you're going on vacation or just spending a lot of time outdoors, SpaFinder's "I Will Reflect" bracelet can help you stay safe in the sun. It turns lavender when you've had your share of harmful ultraviolet rays, a good reminder to lazy girls to either find some shade or reapply their sunscreen stat.

Our tester found that it was a life saver. When you purchase one and you'll also lend support to the Skin Cancer Foundation's melanoma-awareness campaign. You've gotta love a life saver that gives back.

Beauty Quick Fixes

Lady Lash Eyelash Enhancer, $100 at

Eyelash Extensions (around $200)

GOAL: Lengthen your lashes without a wand.

Lazy Grade: B-

Putting on mascara and taking it off every day? Whew! That's exhausting. Now there's an alternative: eyelash extensions, which last for up to six weeks-ideal for lazy types. Our tester loved the relaxing part of this process (laying down for an hour!), but didn't like how fluffy they looked after. So when you do it, check out photos of other people and be sure you want to commit and it is right for you.

Our tester loved the painless process but felt like she looked like a fluffy caterpillar afterwards. Too glam for our girl. But you can put on degrees of lashes.

If you want a cheaper solution Lady Lash eyelash enhancer is an over the counter eyelash serum that will grow, strengthen and thicken.

For Flawless skin without having to go to a spa

Clarisonic MIA Skin Cleansing System ($149;

GOAL: Achieve a flawless complexion

Lazy Grade: A-

This face brush may be the closest you can get to a spa treatment without leaving home. The gentle sonic vibrations cleanse deeply while the brush head whirs over skin, reducing the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles. It is easy to use and effective and gives a fresh glow- like a fantastic daily 60-second trip to the spa. Plus, it's fun to say, "I brushed my face!" The extra bonus, it is small enough to bring anywhere, the gym or while traveling.

It is a 60 second trip to the spa.

Sally Hansen Quick Fast Dry Nail Color Pens ($8; Uptown Girl Salon, drugstores)

GOAL: Polish your nails in seconds.

Lazy Grade: A-

You can apply a rich hue anywhere. They're tailor-made for a lazy girl with chipped tips who lacks the energy or cash for a full salon manicure. But you may miss the pampering you get from a professional mani.

It drys in an instant. But you may miss the pampering you get from a professional manicurist.

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