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Next <B>48 Hours Investigates</B>: For Love Or Money

Update: Lesley Stahl takes a look at a bizarre murder mystery that shattered a fairy-tale marriage on "For Money Or Love," Wednesday, May 14 at 10 PM ET/PT.

Hi Everyone:

We've got a Texas-style rags to riches story this week on 48 Hours Investigates which should keep you guessing, and intrigued this Wednesday, May 14 at 10 p.m.(ET/PT).

Celeste was a waitress when she fell in love with and married millionaire TV executive Steven Beard. They seemed to be living a fairy-tale lifestyle where money was never an issue. But five years into their romance, a bullet changed everything. Steven was shot, and later died from his wounds.

Years passed before the full mystery of Steven Beard's murder would be unraveled. Celeste's own twin daughters testified against her in court. You'll hear exclusively from Celeste and from her former best friend Tracey Tarlton who was arrested for Beard's murder. But things in Texas often are more complicated than they seem at first, and this 48 Hours Investigates mystery again proves that to be true.

We're calling the program "For Love or Money," because as the saying goes, anything can happen when money's involved.

This weekend, I'll be watching golf on TV! Annika Sorenstam, whom I profiled a few weeks ago on 60 Minutes, is playing in the usually all-male Colonial. It's the first time a woman has played on the PGA tour in 58 years. You go girl!

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