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Let Gmail Suggest Other Recipients

Another week, another nifty new Gmail Labs feature. Today it's "Suggest more recipients," which saves time by, well, suggesting other people you might want to include. So you don't forget someone important, of course.

Gmail makes these suggestions based on the groups of people you e-mail most often. So if you frequently e-mail, say, your boss, your admin, and your sales team, you start composing a message to your boss and admin, Gmail will suggest adding your sales team (by way of a one-click link that appears). Here's an example:

Note that you won't actually see any suggestions until you enter at least two recipients in the To: field.

Enabling Suggest More Recipients is just enabling any other Gmail Labs feature: Load Gmail in your browser, click Settings, and then click Labs. Scroll down until you find the feature, click Enable, then scroll to the bottom and click Save Changes.

Needless to say, this is one handy time-saver, though if you often e-mail the same groups of people, you'll be better off setting up contact groups. In the meantime, don't miss some of our other Gmail Labs favorites, including Gmail Search Autocomplete, Multiple Gmail Inboxes, and Recall Accidental E-mails.

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