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Making Browsing Better

Making your browser, better. Netscape and Microsoft have both improved their web browsers of late. Netscape has what it calls Smart Browsing and Microsoft is just out with a beta version of Internet Explorer 5.0 that can automatically fix mistakes when you type in URLs. A company called Bigfoot has created a new browser interface called NeoPlanet 2.0. NeoPlanet's Drew Cohen...says it runs on top of any recent version of Internet Explorer. A Netscape version is planned. Why use it?

"NeoPlanet is a new Internet environment that tries to make the web fun again. It brings you the best of the web right at your desktop. It's an alternative to IE or Netscape and it kind of combines the best of the web search engines, Yahoo and Excite. And it gives the users an environment like AOL."

You can change the look using different schemes. The default is a futuristic, liquid metal, kind of screen....

"But they can also go in, we have a whole bunch of different flavors. One is reminiscent of a 1950's Cadillac, you know, at the drive-in. And it makes car sounds and what not. And one looks like a kid's scribble that you would hang on your refrigerator."

It doesn't take forever to download and it's free at

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