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Malone: I Want To Stay In Utah

A week after Karl Malone vowed he would never play another game for the Utah Jazz, the Mailman changed his mind.

Malone, in an interview Wednesday with KNRS radio, said he had not "abandoned" Utah and answered "yes" when asked if he would like to continue to play for the Jazz.

"Karl Malone the person will not change, but the business person has done a 360-degree turn," Malone said.

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  • Malone, who also had vowed not to talk to media from Salt Lake City, said he still loves the state and "everything else being equal" would like to stay.

    "I have always, always defended Utah," he said.

    But Malone again complained about the Salt Lake City media's coverage of his escapades during the lockout, complaining that he was featured in Salt Lake City newspaper articles for "19 days straight."

    "I could not do anything without it being reported," he said.

    Karl Malone
    Was this a contract ploy by Karl Malone? (AP)

    Last Wednesday, Malone -- citing vague conflicts with media, management and "negotiation purposes" -- announced on his Los Angeles-based radio show that he plans to demand a trade from the only pro team he's ever played for.

    During the summer, Malone hired an agent, Dwight Manley, after insisting for years he didn't need one; made a bizarre foray into professional wrestling; repeatedly aired his thoughts on playing for other teams, even while the Jazz were in te thick of the Western Conference Finals; and started a two-hour radio show based in Los Angeles.

    It was on that show that Malone said he has "played " his last game in Salt Lake City. It is time for Karl to move on."

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